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A SMILE that is Whiter Than White Naturally!

I always love to get my teeth whitened, but it can be confusing as to what product to use and know how safe they are. I was really impressed with @puresmile natural teeth whitening salon in Moonee Ponds. I got to visit them last week and loved the experience.

From the moment I entered they were so friendly and professional. I was guided through the process with ease - and the staff were great explaining how safe the treatment is and that their products are PEROXIDE-FREE, all natural and have zero side effects.

After sitting in a chair - I placed an activation solution on my teeth with a mini toothbrush, I was then able to put the whitening product on my teeth with a mini brush and then sit for 3X20 mins in an egg chair. I had three whitening intervals (with breaks in between) under a small LED light each time with fresh whitening product. It was pretty ease to catch up on emails while the process was underway...Yeah! I could compare my after tooth colour to the one taken before and it was at two shade whiter. Amazing!

You just have to careful not to eat or drink anything that could stain your teeth for a 48 hour period - which was really easy too. The results should last at least 9 -12 months and there is a range of ease to use general whitening products you can use in between sessions.

This is the brand of teeth whitening used by Miss Universe Australia Caris TIIvel, she swears by it and her teeth are beautifully white.

After 60 mins I had an amazing set of pearly white teeth and was amazed by the results! I have had my teeth whitened before and it was painful this was totally pain free, I guess because it is a natural product. I will definitely be using this as my ongoing major treatment for whiter teeth as it was totally pain free and easy to do. If you fancy trying it yourself - give them a call and try it for yourself!


Siobhan XXX

Very Happy after my Teeth Whitening session!

I visited the Moonee Ponds Store on 129 Puckle Street tel: 1300858199

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