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How to Dress Your Bridesmaids Differently, And Look Great

How to make sure your bridal party looks cohesive, even if they wear different dresses.

A guide to looking similar but not the same.

Colour Stick to one colour family. Take a look at a traditional colour wheel - often you’ll find that the colours that are adjacent to one another actually work well together while colours that are opposite to each other clash. If you are getting custom gowns made, always look at fabric swatches in different lighting and compare all the different colours at the same time.

Necklines A mixture of necklines can work well so let the bridesmaids express their preference (the more comfortable they feel, the more confident they will look). But go along to the fittings or shopping trips to help them pick a dress that is flattering and cohesive with the aesthetic of the wedding.

Length Set a uniform dress length for everyone. The way your bridesmaids are dressed helps set the tone of the wedding - if some of your bridesmaids are in long gowns, they may appear over-dressed compared to the ones wearing cocktail dresses. The singular length also looks better in group photos.

Shoes While it’s best to stick to a similar style, everyone has a preferred heel height - and considering there’s a fair bit of running around to do on the day, some may even prefer flats. If you are open to different heel heights, you must ensure they are all in the same colour tone and fabrication. Better yet, give more specific directions such as open-toe, peep-toe or closed toe; strappy or solid; wedge or stiletto. Try selecting shoes early on in order to give the bridesmaids enough time to break them in - blisters are the last thing you need to worry about.

Hair and make-up The general rule is to keep the hair and make-up similar but not the same. There does need to be room for movement though; some shades of blush and lipstick work well with certain skin tones and some eyeliner styles might work with certain eye shapes and not others. Regardless, make sure that they all have the right make-up with them beforehand and for touch-ups during the day. Better yet, organise a make-up artist for all of them and let the professional adapt the same look to each face.

We can help you and your bridal party look great - just get in contact with us.

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