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As personal fashion stylists, we love to help people to feel confident about their appearance in every situation.


During a personal style session, we show you styling tips that will help you look your best. We will save you time & money, by choosing pieces for a capsule wardrobe that will enhance your shape and suit your lifestyle.


We focus on interpreting current trends to suit you and guiding you with our expertise in colour analysis, body shape & personal styling. Our favourite moment is when a client says “I didn’t know I could look this good!” 


We look forward to working with you and ensuring you will always be perfectly dressed for every situation.

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Siobhan Baxter 



Siobhan Baxter is the Creative Director of Styleright Co. based in Melbourne.


She is currently the head wardrobe stylist for TV channel, She worked as stylist for Fashion Brands, TV channels, Victorian Racing Spring Carnival as well as the stylist for the Weekly Review's Melbourne Cup Fashion experience.


Siobhan has 10 years styling individuals of all ages and sizes. She has worked with celebrities, actors, sports stars, influencers and musicians. 


Overall Siobhan can offer her client’s great fashion knowledge as well as styling know-how. Helping them look amazing, whether it is a full makeover or a style shopping session.


She has completed fashion and styling training and is certified by the International Style Institute. She has completed over 1000 client consultations, as well as the many having regular clients who trust her to make them feel and look great every day.


We also work with a fantastic team of trusted stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists to create the magic.

Makeover Melbourne, Stylist Melbourne, fashion stylist, blogger melbourne, celebrity stylist, style
Yasmin Afoa

Yasmin has a proven track record in guiding all her clients through the Styling process with the utmost professionalism. Yasmin's skill set and high attention to detail from start to finish gives all her clients the confidence to carry any look with easy and sophistication.


Yasmin's two main passions are people and fashion, these combined shows Yasmin's dedication and knowledge of the trade to ultimately make her client ’s feel and look good every day and for any occasion. Yasmin can achieve any Styling service required through her commitment and genuine love for industry.

Why do you need a personal stylist?



How many times have you been out shopping for clothes & found nothing – or worse, bought something you didn’t like? Do you want to know what really works – whatever the occasion? Learn all the tricks that stylists & fashion editors use, from the colours that enhance your total look, to the styles that suit your shape – in fact, everything you need to look great!


Looking ok is easy – looking great can sometimes require a little help…


Have you ever …


Bought an item of clothing that you didn’t wear because it just didn’t look or feel right?


Attended a business meeting and felt your personal presentation let you down?


Felt bewildered with the fashion you see in magazines or on the racks of clothing stores?


Felt it was difficult to dress for your age in the latest fashion in an appropriate way?


Looked in the mirror to find something you used to wear successfully no longer works for you?


Arrived at a party and after spending ages finding something to wear, still felt like your outfit wasn’t right for the occasion?



Want to work a little wardrobe magic?


StyleRight has a range of services that help men and women look their very best – always. We’ll show you how to forever eliminate costly clothing mistakes and develop your own personal style.


Here’s a little secret about StyleRight…we love what we do and we make sure you will too!




Do you need to have a lot of money to go on a shopping trip?


No. When we meet with you & make your shopping list it’s you who sets the budget for your shopping trip. We then work within that budget – which means we go to the stores that fit; be that high-end designer boutiques, chain stores or a mix of both. Generally, to get a great result we encourage you to set the budget as high as you can, because that way you are getting the best value out of working with a stylist. There is never an obligation to buy - we show you what works and we to put "on hold" anything you want to think about. 


Do you go to certain shops when you go shopping with someone?


No. Where we shop depends on what we are looking for, you shape & your budget. We have a few favourites but  sometimes we like the range in a particular shop one season and then find their garments don’t seem to work so well the next, so we definately shop around. We shop in the stores that are going to get you the best result.


I’m losing weight – shall I wait until I reach my goal before coming to see you?


Whatever weight you are you want to look fabulous, right? So, we’ve lots of services that make absolutely no difference whether you are plus size or petite – like a Colour Analysis or Make-up Lesson. Even the things you might think are dependant on size really aren’t: our Body Shape Analysis is about your proportions not your size. Some things will never change – the length of your torso, length of your leg, your neck length etc. Even when losing significant amounts of weight most people will find their basic frame shape stays the same – so it’s worth knowing how to dress the body you have as you work toward the body you want. 


Are you going to throw everything out of my wardrobe?


No, not unless you want us to! Most people have some real gems tucked away in the wardrobe that they can use as building blocks to create the looks they want. We work with you to establish what is working for you, and make a plan for you to build on. We try and create a wardrobe that fits you & your lifestyle – so yes, we usually do get rid of the pieces that just don’t work for you, but you are unlikely to be wearing them or feeling good in them anyway. We never ask you to get rid of any emotional or ‘heart connected’ items either.


Getting your “colours done” is it worth it?


Wearing the right colours really does make you look younger and healthier. It also opens your eyes to a world of possibilities that you weren’t aware of: you may know some of the colours that work for you but there will be loads you’d never have thought of, which is always fun!  Knowing which colour story to buy in is also incredibly effective when building a wardrobe as you will have far more options for mixing and matching.


There’s loads of “Personal Stylists” or “Image Consultants” out there – how do I know that you are any good?


Working with someone on your personal style is a really intimate process and one where you need to feel like the person you are working with “gets” you and where you are at. Sometimes that’s nothing more than a personality thing but a true professional will have enough training and experience to really be able to help – all the while stretching you a little bit. We think we’ve got that combination pretty spot on – and the level of repeat business, referrals and countless “thank you” emails and cards we get would suggest that our clients think so too.



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