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Body Image After Baby - The New Mum

I style lots of new mums - usually a couple of months after they get their 'new body' post delivery. Things are not exactly where they used to be,! Your body is not your own for a while it has become a "vehicle of a miracle" and take a little getting used to until things start getting back into shape which usually takes more than 12 months.

After having two children of my own and being through the mill a bit with post birth body changes. (I had a tough couple of months of recovery due to difficult births.) I understand how it feels to try and restyle yourself in your new role and still feel like you.

To be honest I am happy those early baby years are behind me. With hindsight I was initially a little naive in how the changes to my body would affect me long term. It's been five years since my last very gorgeous baby.arrived. So I understand when I style a new mum what to do to make her feel great. Focusing on great fabrics and easy to wear styles that will take her through those first difficult months.

Rebecca Judd sharing a twin bump selfie On Social Media

It is important for new mums to realise that every journey is individual we all put on different amount of weight and recovered very differently. I have to say I usually speak about some of the medias focus on after baby recovery and the unrealistic expectations that are sometimes put on new mums - feeling sad or depressed because they are not living up to a difficult benchmark.

All I want to say to new mums is enjoy the experience - do it at your pace. I took on board advice from a Japanese friend of mine - in Japan it is usual for take a month off socialising (did lots of walks but no pressure social situations) and enjoy resting and breastfeeding my newborn baby. I have to say it gave me a huge amount of rest and I felt great! Re-emerging a month later & looking forward to catching up with friends. Doing this is not for everyone but it certainly worked for me..

Kim K - Actually keep it pretty real with regard to her weight gain and loss after after her two kids.

Post baby shopping can be eased by wearing great fabrics - things that are soft and easy to wear,

Wrap style shirts and dresses are great and stores that are fantastic for a post baby body is witchery, country road , seed & sussans.

Happy Styling!

Love Siobhan XXX

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