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Personal Image Consulting

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Corporate Image training gives an advantage to your success in business. You would be surprised how many professionals we work with.


How well do you represent your professional brand?

Let us help you curate the perfect corporate look for you and your role.


Working with Teams


First impression with clients is crucial to success. Sales training very often covers every aspect of sales apart from appropriate appearance & etiquette in business situations – even though it is their professional appearance that makes the first impression!

It can be very difficult for managers to deal with the subject of appearance in aspect of a person’s performance. We can train them in all aspects of their appearance which we refer to as “Personal Branding” in a relaxed but very informative way. We get great results not only in first impression ratings for our clients but they also feel more confident about themselves. Getting personal training on this aspect feels more like a great experience – very often they really enjoy it!


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Corporate Group Training


We know all about personal branding – how important it is to the success of your business after all your employees reflect what your company is all about. First impressions in sales is a key to success as well as product knowledge. We can help your sales team reach its full potential and feel more confident in how they are presenting to their clients.


Perhaps you are thinking you’d rather reward your team a little; provide an injection of fun into the workplace with a session on style, or you want to reward a well performing team member or customer – we can do that, too.


We offer styling advice to companies that covers the spectrum. We will tailor our content and create a style forum that suits your needs:


Appropriate dress in the workplace

Outplacement Programs

Graduate Program

Fun “what to wear” sessions

Grooming tips

One to One advice or Group Sessions

Corporate Uniform advice

Create a Dress Code for you


Our Corporate sessions are fun and interactive – we create a genuine context and provide real advice and coaching for your staff in a positive manner and ensure your team feels inspired and encouraged.


We can do group training on what “values” their corporate attire presents and how to look professional, organised and trustworthy. All aspects of business presentation – client meetings, corporate entertaining and day to day personal appearance & etiquette are covered with handy take away notes for each participant.


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