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Perfect Tan - Every Time

Yasmin has been in the professional spray tanning industry for over 10 years and has recently been recognised as one of the best in the business. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry is evident in her passionate approach. Yasmin’s quotes “ the understanding of skin tone is important for all cosmetic purposes and tanning is no exception”.


Yasmin takes the time to assess all her clients skin type / tone and then matches it perfectly with a top quality product. Yasmin advises all her regular clients to keep a good level of pH balance of skin for the most affective long lasting tan. If skin is dry and dead this usually means that the pH balance of the skin is too alkaline which negatively impacts a spray, which would then result in a patchy tan, a tan not attaching to the skin properly and a shortened tan life. To get a good lasting tan, Yasmin advises all her clients to use a good skin care regime and mantain a diet rich in raw foods which makes the blood more alkaline. This allows the blood to absorb more oxygen to aid digestion which leads to clearer, healthier skin. 


Yasmin can confidently spray tan you for any occasion and she comes highly recommended by the industry experts.. Contact Yasmin via email or call Yasmin on MB: 0416043045 to book.

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